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Selection of premium teapots

Discover our range of teapots and tea infuser bottles, for cold and hot tea with the best filters on the market. We have an appealing selection of specially designed teapots.

And if you would like an extra level of design and distinction, you can discover our exclusive Hikime teapot, created by the Japanese designer Hisanori Masuda, which combines ancestral elegance with functionality and his own style.

This model is the fruit of the Japanese artist's most daring creativity, who usually works cast iron with simplicity and harmony, combining aesthetic and artistic beauty that is appreciated all over the world.

Discover our Teapots

    Teapots > HARIO Ice Tea Bottle 750ml 90mm x 89mm x 305mm 1 SU = 1 piece
    Teapots > HARIO Ice Tea Bottle 300ml 75 mm x 73 mm x 210 mm 1 SU = 1 piece
    Teapots > Teainfuser - glas 320 ml. 18,5 cm x 7 cm
    Teapots > Neoprene Cover - Glas Infuser Elastic, resistant, black.
    Teapots > Teainfuser - stainless steel 300ml 300ml. 18,4cm x 6,6cm
    Teapots > Japan Tea Cup Tea Pot Warmer Tea pot M and L 1 SU = 1 piece

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