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Selection of premium tea filters

We can help you complement your commercial offer of teas and infusions with a comprehensive range of wholesale tea strainer solutions in diverse formats.

We offer a wide variety of paper filters bleached without chlorine, with a double fold at the base that does not require a filter holder for the cup, or Japanese paper filters (with a very efficient string seal).

We also offer all kinds of accessories related to tea filtering, such as self-closing metal tea strainers, mugs with infusers, tea infusers or tea infuser balls. Our filter solutions are suitable for all types of infusions and perfectly adapted to the most popular ceramic formats on the market.

Complement your tea and infusion order with the best products for your business.

Discover our filters

    Filters > Paper Filters teeli®flip S white 15,5 cm, Size S 1 SU = 30 boxes of 100 pieces
    Filters > Japan Paper Filter 8,2 x 9,6 cm 1 SU = 1 box of 50 pieces
    Filters > Tea filters metal, Tea Egg Pliers Ø 5 cm 1 SU = 24 pieces
    Filters > Tea filters metal, Tea Egg Ball Ø 5 cm 1 SU = 24 pieces
    Filters > Permanent filter with lid - Ø ca. 6 cm 1 SU = 18 pieces
    Filters > Filter holder for paper filter (metal clasp) 1 SU = 10 pieces

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