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Alveus was born from the idea of spreading the feeling of well-being that tea and infusions provide to the whole world. We are passionate tea lovers and we believe that the best product is only achieved by taking care of every detail from the start.
We strive to ensure the motivation and satisfaction of our team, as every person involved in developing the product or service is key, from the start to the final delivery.

We are committed to what we do, we think long-term and are proud of our flat organisational structure.

Our values

  • Trust and responsibility

    Due to continuous growth, our team is always facing new challenges that mean great responsibilities.

    Our departments are well-coordinated teams with a high level of commitment, achieving great things in our company and ensuring a smooth workflow.

  • Equality and respect

    We are a strong team thanks to the unity and coordination of our departments. Our end product is the result of many interrelated work steps, all of which are key.

    As an international company, we exist in a multicultural work environment of tolerance and respect, both personal and professional.

  • Transparent communication

    Honest, regular, and prompt feedback within the team is essential for us to achieve a strong collaboration.

    It is very important to us that each individual employee feels comfortable in his or her position and is supported.

  • Open mind

    Taking an unconventional path requires courage and an open mind in order to learn from mistakes. At Alveus, we are aware that part of the innovation process is trial and error.

    We are passionate, always trying new ideas, despite the risks they may sometimes entail. We believe that making mistakes can be a good opportunity to learn and face new challenges.

  • Growing together

    Alveus's success is the result of teamwork. Motivation, participation, organisation, commitment, trust, common goals and problem solving are the values we uphold for developing individual talents and growing as a team.

    We encourage a close collaboration between our departments and use the resulting synergies as our engine for success.

  • Valuing what is different

    Thinking outside the box and creating new opportunities is part of Alveus's DNA.
    This means transferring the traditional world of tea to the digital format with an agile methodology that allows us to adapt to customer's needs in a dynamic and changing environment.
    The key to our progress is the research, testing and monitoring of our products and services that we carry out to optimise decision-making.

  • Start up spirit

    Although we have been working in the world of tea for more than 15 years, we are committed to a scalable business model that allows us to achieve rapid and sustained growth over time.

    We are constantly developing new and creative tea blends at our factory in Hamburg to delight our customers all over the world.

  • Multiculturalism

    Alveus has been a multicultural company from the very beginning. We have always strived to adapt to the countries in which we work.

    Understanding the language and culture is essential to establish a relationship of trust with our clients.

  • Sustainability

    Alveus is a pioneer in organic teas and infuisions with the largest range of ORGANIC products in the world. And we have now decided to expand sustainability to all of the organisation's processes.

    In addition to external agreements to ensure decent working conditions for our suppliers, we have internal initiatives designed to ensure a lasting positive impact on society and the environment.

Our hubs

Our hubs

Oststeinbek near Hamburg, Germany

Our hubs

Malaga, Spain

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