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Custom company tea gifts

The best tea in the world transformed into the best gift of all.
If you are looking for an original gift made of ORGANIC and Natural teas, at Alveus we have just what you need: high-quality gift boxes filled with exquisite premium teas.


Are you looking for corporate gift ideas for your colleagues?

Would you like to give your employees something different? Would you like them to know what they mean to your company by giving them a unique, high-quality gift?

A custom gift is the best way of conveying a corporate identity, as no company exists without its employees. That is why, at Alveus, we believe that the content of our customised kits are the answer to a new way of understanding personal relationships: give organic sensations and experiences, natural aromas, the best infusions that create a close relationship with your teams.

Do not give a cold company gift: share emotions with our packs, colours and flavours of the best teas in the world.


How can I order a tea company gift?

Our advisors can tell you about the products that best suit your needs: from our catalogue, the largest in the world, we will help you to choose a premium selection of products, packaged and labelled in an original way, always with the Alveus quality guarantee.

Are you thinking of a flavour or colours that represent your brand? Go one step further and include your own logo, aromas, textures...

Find an original way to convey your ecological culture, gift tea, gift an experience for the senses (Find out about the ordering conditions).

Discover all our best sellers

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    Herbal > Ginger Pieces ORGANIC
    Branded Editions > Morning Melody Exotic bergamot taste
    Matcha Accessories > Original Japanese Bamboo Whisk
    Branded Editions > From Paris with Love Violet Raspberry Taste

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